How our Wills and Probate Solicitors assist you:

7 out of 10 adults will die without a will, how sad is that?

  • A surviving partner may not necessarily inherit anything

  • An unmarried spouse is automatically entitled to nothing

  • The family property may have to be let go

  • Children may unintentionally be stripped of their inheritance

Our will and probate solicitors can assist and safeguard your interests and give you the comfort you need knowing your estate is in good hands when you pass away.

When a person dies, there are a number of critical tasks that need to be carried out if the person died with a valid Will.

The Executors will be passed on with the responsibility of settling the estate of the deceased. But if the person were to die without a valid Will – Intestate, then the Intestacy rules will determine who can be appointed as administrators of the estate.


Our seasoned team of lawyers is specialists in divorce and family law, having conducted divorces through a majority of the UK and US courts. Our lawyers are thoroughly trained and experienced in this complicated field. Clients sing our praises for our firm negotiating skills ensuring the best possible position for our clients.

Prenuptial agreements

Division of Assets

Divorce and separation will almost likely involve some form of asset splitting. This may include shares, bank accounts, or even furniture. You may have fears about how you will manage financially following your separation. We will assist you set with succinct advice about your financial entitlement and how to get it, and lead you through the process with confidence.

Custody Disputes

Divorce and separation is more traumatic when there are children involved. Following separation, parents may feel doubtful as to which of them will have the day to day care of the young ones and the arrangements that would work. Our lawyers are experienced in the laws that can apply during a divorce and the joined children issues, and have close ties with family lawyers in other jurisdictions to ensure comprehensive advice.

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