What determines the observed pattern of fibre use in 100% or
blended form in different end-use products? How could it be changed?

DRA have developed the following linked, proprietary approaches to exploring this question based on the insight that it is best to start analysing at the FABRIC STORY level (eg linen-look) before considering end-uses (eg ladies skirts).

These methods contain a mix of qualitative and quantitative elements and their application
involves group discussions and the scoring of fabric and garment samples. They produce
estimates of future consumption of a particular fibre in one, or all, end-uses for different
sets of relative fibre prices.

Our methods are used mainly to help clients to assess the commercial prospects for new and modified fibres and for assessing the potential of novel fibre and fabric treatments.

They have been used on: lyocell, PTT, PLA, XLA, and Optim fibres and plasma fabric treatments.

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